Task Group Water

Aims of the Core Cycle Water

The goal of the Core Cycle Water resources is to analyse the actual situation and consumption of water resources, to develop a water conservation strategy for the sustainable use and to implement this optimization. The task group is therefore divided into three subprojects:



Subproject  1  „Remote sensing of hydrological state“

(Patrick Klenk; Institute of Environmental Physics, Heidelberg)

Assessment of the hydrological state and monitor its future development with remote sensing tools and GPR (ground penetrating radar), apply these tools to develop a proxy index for seasonal and annual variation and quantify the impact of regional changes

– Measuring near-surface soil moisture at the field scale – Ground   Penetrating Radar in a Remote Sensing Context (P. Klenk)

Subproject 2 “Development of water efficiency and conservation strategy”

(Katharina Fricke und Yuan Yao, Department of Geography, Heidelberg)

Development of a water resources information and control management system, based on a descriptive hydrological model including input information from subproject 1 and data from our Chinese partners, presentation of a water conservation strategy and identification of starting points and potentials for the implementation of technical solutions for water conservation.

Dissertations and research papers written within the project:

Analysis of the ecological and hydrological  environment and development of a descriptive hydrologic model
(K. Fricke)

Water resources management information system for Urumqi
(Y. Yao)

Klassifikation der Landnutzung und ihrer Veränderung von 1975 bis 2007 anhand von Satellitenbildern in der Region Urumqi (Nordwest-China)
(F. Brohmeyer)

Bachelor-Arbeit abgeschl. 2011

Multitemporale Detektion der Gletscherveränderung im östlichen Tian Shan (AR Xinjiang, China) im Kontext des Klimawandels
(J. Fuchs)

Bachelor-Arbeit abgeschl. 2011
Auswertung der Temperatur- und Niederschlagsdaten von 15 Klimastationen im Umkreis von Urumqi (AR Xinjiang, China)
(N. Barth)
Bachelor-Arbeit abgeschl. 2011
Entwicklung und Ausbreitung des urbanen Bereichs von Urumqi, Hauptstadt der Autonomen Region Xinjiang
(C. Reinl)
Diplomarbeit abgeschl. 2012


Subproject 3 “Local implementation of  technical solutions in the Midong District” (N.N.)

Development of technical solutions based on the potentials identified by the subproject 2 and control variables provided by subproject 1 and implementation of specialized Solutions.