The Partners

Project Coordination on the German Side:

Project Management on the Chinese Side:

  • Xinjiang Department of Science and Technology (XJDOST) und Xinjiang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS):
    • Prof. Dr. ZHANG Xiaolei, General Director (Scientific Advisor)
  • Xinjiang Department of Environmental Protection (XJDEP):
    • DULIHONG ABUDUERXUN, General Director (Senior Advisor)
    • ZHAO Chenglin, Assistant Counsel (Senior Advisor)
  • Xinjiang Academy of Environmental Protection Sciences (XJAEPS):
    • AHATI Jiaerheng, General Director (Project Coordinator on the Chinese Side)
    • ZHANG Ming, Vice General Director (Coordinator of the Chinese Partner Projects)
    • Dr. ZHAO Chenxi, Vice Genereal Director (Coordinator)
    • JIAO Jian (Director of the Chinese Contact Bureau) 

Political guidance and assistance on the Chinese side:


Scientific Collaboration:

Economic Cooperation:

  • Xinjiang Department of Commerce (XJDOC):
    • JU Xia, Department Head for Regional Cooperation
  • Xinjiang Commission on the Economy and Information:
    • BAI Hua, Advisor, Department for Planning and Investment

Partners in the Task Groups Water, Materials und Energy:

Task Group Water:

Task Group Materials:

  • IUWA Heidelberg e.V.:  
  • Miguel-Soft:
    • Michael Seyboth, Managing Director (software development, programming ©Waste Manager)
  • Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of the City of Urumqi:
    • ZHANG Xinyou, General Director (Task Group Leader)
    • JIAO Jian, Department Head of research management (and the Bureau for International Cooperation)
    • FU Erdeng, Director of the Cleaner Production Centre
    • GAO Qingguo, Researcher
  • EPB of Midong District:
    • YIN Guixing, Department for General Affairs
  • Midong Chemical Industrial Park, Urumqi:
    • LIU Enrui, Vice General Director of the Administrative Commission

Task Group Energy:

Partnership for Cooperation in Education:

 School Echange Programme on Energy Efficiency:

 Partnership on Vocational Training:

Stakeholders from the Business World
(Companies, Associations und Networks):

  • Umweltkompetenzzentrum Rhein-Neckar (UKOM) e.V., Prof. Dr. D. Günter LIESEGANG, Managing Director
  • Metropol-Region Rhein-Neckar GmbH, Bernd KAPPENSTEIN, Director Energy and Environment
  • Technologiepark Heidelberg, Dr. André DOMIN, Managing Director
  • ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, Mario BERGEMANN, Executive Director Asia
  • IUWA GmbH, Dr. Thomas STERR / Michael SEYBOTH, Managing Director
  • Miguel Soft, Michael SEYBOTH, Managing Director
  • Geomer GmbH, Hartmut GÜNDRA, Managing Director
  • Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical, WANG Hongxin, President
  • Xinjiang Huatai Heavy Chemical, HAO Jiangtao, Chief Engineer
  • Xinjiang Dacheng Industrial, TANG Hengzhi, President
  • Xinjiang Xinye Chemical Engineering, LIU Kui, President
  • Xinjiang Kefa Environmental Resources, YANG Guiping, President
  • Xinjing MME Switch, WANG Jianyou, President

Project Advisory Board: