The Partner Regions

The implementation-oriented research project "RECAST Urumqi" connects the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, Germany's seventh largest industrial region, with the metropolitan area of Urumqi (Uchang), currently the largest  pole of industrial growth in western China. The project is faced with several challenges relating to resources and the environment that have to be addressed for the sake of sustainable urban and regional development. 

Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar
Uchang Region  
Uchang-Region - Transportation


The discursive exchange between leading politicians, scientists and representatives of the economy is supported by the project management and manifests itself in the annual visits to the partner regions. Mutual learning should not only be supported by appropriate teaching materials, but should also broaden the horizons of experience with actual tangible show-and-tell objects. Inter-organized Chinese and German task groups, for energy and material efficiency as well as efficient management of water resources, shall facilitate the object-related operation. However, the project is not only restricted to scientific systematization and analysis but also extends to the development of realistic concepts and implementation oriented solutions for a sustainable urban development.

Satellitenbild Metropolregion   Satellitenbild Uchang
Satellite Image of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region   Satellite Image of the Uchang Region 


Regional corporate networks, for example the Environmental Expertise Heidelberg Rhine-Neckar (UKOM), are incorporated in the project. Events in the Rhine-Neckar region and Urumqi focusing on specific target groups, as well as expert talks with interested representatives of the economy, will contribute to the discovery of technological and organizational potentials and their transformation for the improvement of technical implementation and economic relations.


Connections between the Partner Regions


The multi-dimensional integrated approach, of the five year project will help to translate the originally coincidental relationship between the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitain Region and the industrial region Uchang step by step into a real, permanent and diversely anchored partnership of choice.